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Budgeting for a business will always be a stressful process, having to make cuts in order to keep things moving is never easy. It is crucial to make every penny count, especially in today’s economic climate. However Click a Fix Energy has the solution to save your business money and increase your business‘ Bottom Line. That solution is to become Energy Efficient.  
Annually, energy is unknowingly wasted in the work place, making the energy usage a lot higher than it needs to be which results in energy bills being higher than they need to be. Anything that requires energy usage will offer opportunities to increase efficiency and increase on savings. Click a Fix Energy identifies what equipment consumes the most energy, what can be changed to provide your business with the best way to better utilise your energy supply and offer alternative products that will make better use of the energy supply in order to maximise savings!  
Most businesses are unaware of how to begin the process of becoming energy efficient, Click a Fix Energy will guide you, your staff and your business in the greener direction. Everyone in your workplace can contribute towards saving your business money. Click a Fix Energy will also show you how to implement energy saving practices so that everyone will make better use out of their equipment which will make a significant difference quickly, simply and without any hassle. The cheapest energy is the energy that is never used, so it makes good business sense to become as Energy Efficient as possible.      

An added bonus of becoming Energy Efficient is that your business will be reducing their Carbon Footprint. A carbon footprint is the effect you or your business has on the planet through carbon usage. Things such as cars, machinery and power stations all use carbon. By reducing your usage you will reduce your carbon footprint. 

Businesses contribute towards their Carbon Footprint indirectly, the more energy that business uses, the more the energy source has to work. This increases their carbon use. By becoming Energy Efficient, your Carbon Footprint is reduced because the energy you do use is not wasted so the total amount you need is cut.

If you want to measure your Carbon footprint to see how much your business is currently using, you can now do so by using our New Carbon Footprint Calculator to get a completely accurate reading based on the answers that you give. Then you can start taking the necessary steps to reducing that number and offsetting the rest.


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